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SDR/HDR Filming Organization




Color correction


Computer graphics

Preparing media content for streaming services

Color correction

Computer graphics



Mastering video on GOST channels, for film rental and festival

Streaming files preparations such as mp4 x265 hevc, DASH, DRM

Mastering for online cinemas in SDR, HDR10, HDR10

Film voiceover

Behind-the-scenes voiceover – the announcer of videos, films, corporate and presentation materials, made by the voice of one or more actors.

ArsPRO studio specialists offer professional duplication of films, professional voiceover of films, cartoons and games, voice-over translation of TV and radio programs at a professional level.

Here you can order both the recording of the voice of the announcer, and the performance of large-scale projects on the voice of full-length documentaries and television films and TV series.

ArsPRO’s film and film studio has the necessary technical and acting base to achieve the best possible result in its work. Our specialists are distinguished by a lot of experience in their field and perfectionism.

Thanks to this, the voice studio “ARSPRO” is ready to perform turnkey projects, regardless of their volume and complexity. Each project begins with a detailed plan to develop the task and select the right tools in the work.

HDR color correction

Each of your frames should look mesmerizing, on any of the devices, on whichever one was reproduced?

Professional color correction of the original, sensitive and accurate work with dynamic range of image, brightness, contrast and color of details, juicy and live “lighting” of the picture, alignment with advanced formats of the industry (HDR10 and Dolby Vision).

Before starting work, we discuss each scene with the cameraman-director of the picture, in order to fix his requirements for light and colors of the image.

Studio specialists are able to observe the artist’s installations without interfering with the creative component. The correction takes place in a darkened room on professionally calibrated high-dynamic range monitors. The colours trained directly by the standards developers and the Dolby Vision license make our level of quality unique, at least in Russia.

Color correction of the image under the most modern Televisions, in all the necessary standards, at the highest technological level can only do we!

Computer graphics

Haven’t finished for CGI or VFX?

Fast and unmistakable solution to computer graphics problems such as simulation, simulation, animation, visual sitcoms. A well-designed team of skilled CGI artists, own the power for rendering.

Computer graphics and visuals with high quality and exactly in the required time!

Secrets of the success of the studio dubbing "ARSPRO"

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